One of the things we strive for at Velocity Webworks is to deliver awesomeness through service. This is one of the reasons we jump at the opportunity to help out in the community in any way we can. We have donated websites to a number of non-profit organizations to help them increase awareness for their cause and get people involved. We encourage you to get involved and serve these worthy causes as well.

dixie care and shareDixie Care & Share

One of the ways Velocity Gives back is the Dixie Care & Share in St. George is our local homeless shelter and food bank. With the support of community volunteers and donations, they are able to provide meals and a warm place to stay for those in need. They also have a food pantry where they help distribute regular grocery items. They are always in need of more food and supplies. Visit their website to find out more about how you can help.
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teens actTeens Act

Teens Act has been helping underserved high school students in the Provo, Utah area since 2011. They provide personalized mentoring and special curriculum for disadvantaged students to help them graduate from high school and prepare for college. Their goal is to continually decrease Utah’s high school dropout rate and increase the number of first generation college students. Click here to learn more about how you can get involved.
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quilts for kidsQuilts for Kids

With the help of volunteer quilters and donated fabrics, Quilts for Kids has been helping bring beautiful quilts to kids in need for over 14 years. These quilts go to children who are hospitalized and struggling with illness as well as orphaned children in developing countries. Find out how you can donate time, money, or fabric by visiting their website!
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sing to liveSing to Live

Sing to Live was founded by a local St. George music teacher John Sato in an effort to help spread the joy of music to cancer patients. John gives individual music lessons to cancer patients and organizes his students into a choir. Every year Sing to Live hosts concerts with inspirational music by their choir. We were touched by these cancer patients as they shared their voices and stories, and we really enjoyed working with them in the creation of their website.
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Blue Bunny St. George

When Blue Bunny announced they were closing down their large ice cream production facility in St. George, we tried to find a way to help the 90 to 100 employees that were impacted. We created a website that helped these employees find new jobs. They were able to post their information and resumes for businesses in the community to see.
Website is no longer available.

We are grateful to have had the opportunity to work with and serve each of these organizations and we wish them the best as they move forward with their causes!