You’ve Got the Traffic, but Now What?

So many people focus on getting high ranking for keywords and getting traffic, but once you get it, do you know what to do with it?

The Answer Lies in SEO, Right?

SEO is great at getting traffic and rankings, but many SEO companies stop there. They can’t provide the complete solution to increase your sales through your website.

Let’s go a little more in depth about what SEO (Search Engine Optimization) really is

SEO is great at making sure Google and other search engines can understand the content on your website. There’s a big difference between the way a human can understand page content and the way the Search Bot does.

Search Bot is the algorithm that a search engine uses to crawl and understand the content on the internet.

What SEO Is

Search Engine Optimization is a way we can write content, name images, and add keywords into your meta data so that search engines understand your content.

Think of Keywords as Topics for your website page. If you sell Thread, you will have specific topics about Silk Thread, Cotton Thread, Red Thread, Discount Thread, Etc.

What SEO Isn’t

SEO is a lot of things but it ISN’T a magic button that suddenly makes people spend money on your website.

SEO is not User Experience, an SEO specialist isn’t going to use your website’s contact form to make sure it works intuitively. They also don’t perform regular customer experience surveys and improve the website function for your Sales Conversion. This is called User Experience (UX) and Conversion Optimization. This is included in complete online marketing strategies.

SEO is not your website design. The design of your website should never be a fixed point on the Internet. As users’ needs and behaviors change, your website layout, function, and design should adapt too. Not to mention, with how quickly new technology is innovated, the literal code for websites can be out of date!

So How Do I Convert Users to Sales?

Creating a marketing team is your only hope. These can be anyone around you that knows your business, can focus on your goals, and is a creative thinker. Your marketing team can include current employees or you can hire outside marketing strategists, like the ones at Velocity Webworks, to help with your marketing. First your marketing goals should be identified. Then everyone on your team should be working toward meeting those goals.

If your goal is as simple as a 5% increase in sales each quarter, then your marketing team needs to come up with strategies to get you to that goal. Some of the tactics you would use are:

  • Engage Users with a Survey, Drawing, or Competition
  • Increase Product Information with Customer Reviews
  • Have a Consistent Call to Action
  • Capture Leads with a Newsletter or Free Offers
  • Become the Authority and be Trustworthy
  • Identify and Remove Customer Confusion

Stay flexible and don’t expect to hit huge success in the first month. SEO and Online Marketing take time, first for the Search Engines to notice and second for new customers to be reached. Don’t get frustrated if your strategies aren’t working. Each month you will understand your market better, what strategies work and what strategies fall flat. There is no one answer for any market, that’s why you need to stay creative and try every strategy you can think of.

SEO is an important first step in increasing your online sales, but without a continual Online Marketing Strategy you cannot increase your sales.