The all-in-one group coaching and membership system for life coaches.

Built by coaches  for coaches with membership and group coaching programs.

Starting a group coaching or membership program?

Many life coaches struggle with the tech side of their coaching business. Setting up an excellent membership program that’s brain-dead simple for your clients can be daunting, expensive, and overly complicated. Next Level makes it all too easy.

Easy to Use

A program to impress your clients and make you look good

Managed For You

You no longer need an army of assistants to run your program

All-in-one System

We make it with everything in one place

Simple to Set Up

Say goodbye to overwhelm from  complicated tech

Branded for You

Be easily recognized with your unique brand and program

Increase Retention

Losing members that can’t keep track of your program?

Main Features

  • Branded Web & Mobile App
  • Calendar for Group Coaching
  • Appointment scheduling for 1:1 coaching
  • Resource library with call replays, courses, worksheets, etc.
  • Discussion Groups available as private, categorized or general
  • Ask-A-Coach written anonymous coaching
  • Private podcast feed for each member

Built For Scale

Do you have several coaches work for you in your program? No problem!

All coaches can be available for appointments within the platform. Easily connect to their calendar and availability. 

Assign group coaching sessions to certain coaches. They will receive notifications of coaching requests for group sessions.

Wow Members with Your Branded Web & Dedicated Mobile App

Imagine your clients having access to your program through your app on their phone, 24/7.

We design your app and list in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store (for Android) for you. 

In addition to the web version, your members get your own mobile app for your program. Your clients get a 100% custom mobile app, with your own logo and name in the App Store, so they can interact with you on the go. 

All the private podcasts, course contents, discussion groups and more are in the app and on the web, consistently and conveniently accessible!

Next Level Platform Mobile Screenshots

Replace All These Apps with One Seamless Program

Kajabi Logo
Learndash logo
Marco Polo Logo
Hello Audio Logo
Vimeo Logo
Facebook Logo
Voxer Logo
Membership Pro Logo
Slack Logo
Calendly Logo
Zapier Logo
Memberpress Logo
Acuity Scheduling Logo

Private Podcast

Each member gets a private podcast feed, completely customized for them.

Set categories of content that should be available to all members any time, or only for members from the date they join, or to certain sub-groups.

Automatically extract the audio from videos you upload so that members can listen to replays while on the go.


Next Level Platform Content Screenshots

Easy Content Management

Coaching session recordings are available instantly.

Recordings from Zoom are immediately and automatically uploaded into your platform seamlessly. No longer needing to have your assistant download your recordings and re-upload them to Vimeo or your website!

Automatically copy the audio from videos you upload to go into each member’s private podcast feed.

Clients and administration can utilize a comprehensive search function to find anything in all of your content.

Membership Management & Engagement

Members are automatically integrated into the entire program. Never do the busy work again. 

Our system is integrated with your account for easy subscriptions and membership billing. 

We send 24 hour and 1 hour reminders (via email or push notification) of upcoming coaching calls. No more hunting down meeting emails or calendar invites. Members also get a daily “What You Missed” email highlighting new content, discussion topics, and messages.

Next Level Platform Coaching Screenshots

Better Coaching

Free scheduled sessions, paid individual sessions and  anonymous written coaching are all included. 

Scheduling coaching, and optionally paying for 1:1 coaching sessions, are easily integrated with your Google Calendar. You manage and set your availability at will. 

Ask A Coach features allow clients to ask anonymous questions at any time. Answer questions on your own schedule and provide more content in your database. 

Create groups and sub-groups, allowing you to set up a VIP Members sub-group. Content and recordings posted to them will only show up in the private podcast feeds and dashboards of VIP members.

Our Story

As a life coach myself, I wanted to launch my own membership and group coaching program. I observed how many life coaches organized theirs. I wanted an all-in-one system that made it easy to manage and scale. I realized that if the presentation of my program wasn’t excellent and easy to use, I would struggle with retaining my members.

Because I have a technical background and also run a software development company, I’ve programmed my own system for my membership program and I want to offer it to other life coaches.

Dan Purcell

Founder of Get Your Marriage On! and CEO of Virgo Development


How much does it cost?

We price our platform to cost about the same as it would be to pay for the dozens of platforms you would otherwise pay for the same outcome, not to mention the costs usually involved with manual work of assistants to keep your system current.

We charge a one-time design and setup fee (usually around $2,500) and $299 / month..

I already have a membership program. Can you import my content and members into this platform?

Schedule a call with us and let’s review how your current membership information is stored. Our development team can make a plan to import your membership so that they don’t miss a beat.

Can I choose my own colors and fonts?

Absolutely! Our in-house web designer is here to match your Next Level Program seamlessly with your current brand. If you don’t have colors or a logo already, we’re more than equipped to get you started with styling you love. 

Can I use this platform to manage my 1:1 coaching clients as well as my group coaching?

Yes! You can add recordings, client notes, personal notes, and more to your 1:1 coaching clients. You can communicate with them through Direct Messaging through the platform as well.

How is Next Level like Kajabi?

Both Kajabi and Next Level have:
– User management
– Various membership levels within your program
– Subscription management (via
– Course delivery (video modules, tracking user’s progress, timed released modules based on when a user joined your group or program, etc)
What Kajabi does that we don’t do:
– An in-depth sales CRM system
– Send out mass emails / newsletters / track opens / drip campaigns (We instead connect it to whichever email service you want to use, e.g. Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp, etc.)
– Landing page webpage design templates
What we do that Kajabi doesn’t do (or doesn’t do well):
– Your own custom designed mobile app with your branding, in the app store (Android & iPhone) under your name
– Private discussion groups (like a cross between Slack and Private Facebook Groups)
– Private podcast feed for each member (replaced HelloAudio)
– Ask A Coach written coaching functions
– Automatic Zoom call replay uploading
– Notifying members of what’s new via email automatically
– Scheduling coaching (replaces Acuity Scheduling) and Google Calendar & Zoom integration
– Built-in calendar of upcoming group and private coaching opportunities
– Multiple coaches compatible — you can have coaches under you assigned to handle aspects of the system. Your coaches can also sync their calendars as well

Ready to get started?