At Velocity Webworks, we love what we do! We love to help clients make their online dreams come true. Case in point–Squatty Potty. We built Squatty Potty’s website and online shopping cart system. Velocity Webworks has the infrastructure and space on multiple servers to handle a high-volume of visitors at one time. As featured on a Shark Tank Update, Squatty Potty had another opportunity to be in front of millions of television viewers. Those TV viewers in turn hopped online to learn more about Squatty Potty and purchase their “healthy colon: happy life” products which includes everything from bidets to probiotics to stools (the bench kind of stools. Sorry, had to say it).

To see the Squatty Potty Shark Tank Update, please see the following. It’s a clip that shows the website Velocity Webworks created and how many people came to the website. Listen closely to see how many millions of dollars in sales Squatty Potty received. Also listen to Lori Greiner say she loves the changes to the website!

Great website functionality is essential to an online store’s success. Marketing, beautiful design and a “fresh” look is important as well. Many of Velocity Webworks’ dedicated team members stayed late on a Friday evening to make sure everything would work correctly for the anticipated big hit from many viewers at the same time. We didn’t get pooped! Okay, I had to get some more potty humor in this article somewhere. To see our team enjoying the hits on Squatty Potty‘s website, please see the following:

Note that results may vary. Velocity Webworks makes no claims as to the sales a website will have. The above article is written to demonstrate that Velocity Webworks is a company full of dedicated professionals who build websites and applications tailored to each client’s specific needs. I just want to “easily eliminate” any confusion as to what this article is really about. (Had to 🙂

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