In today’s busy world, organization is key to keeping on top of all of the Projects, the lists, the appointments, and the day-to-day activities that we have going on in each of our lives.  I have found myself constantly searching for ways to improve my productivity and organizational skills. Here is a short excerpt about a tool to manage email that I have found recently.  It’s called “Sidekick“.


Sidekick is a Chrome Extension that you can add to your Google Chrome browser that will help you in your day-to-day email activities.  Since so much of how we develop contacts and maintain relationships is helped (or hindered) by email use today, I have been looking for something that would help me perform at my best, and also, take a little of the extra day-to-day work off of my plate.

Here is a few of the qualities that Sidekick has to offer:

  • Allows you to receive live notifications when someone opens or clicks on your email
  • Allows you to know when, where, and how (what device they used to open) an email was opened
  • Track Profiles about your different correspondents (professional history, mutual contacts, email history, etc.)
  • Schedule your Emails to be sent at a later time (Days, Months, Years!)
  • Be able to see what links within your emails were clicked on
  • Schedule and send reminder emails to yourself for a future date (Note:  Katie, did you accomplish this goal by today?, etc)
  • Easy set up and is customizable to your needs

Sidekick is an exciting tool and works with Gmail, Outlook and AppleMail, and a host of other systems.

I am looking forward to integrating this tool into my daily email correspondence, in the hope that it will help me to retain better and lasting relationships with my clients.

Katie Atkin

P. S. To read more about Sidekick and how it can help you, visit their website here: