Many times we have eureka moments, and think of a great software idea that solves a problem we have.  I would like to share a thought that will help all those software entrepreneurs develop software that sells.  When we have these moments, often the first reaction is to think of all the cool features *we’d* like to have.  This is BAD!  If we make design choices based on what *we* want, then we have set ourselves on a path of potential failure!

When designing software it’s important to remember that we are not the end-user! Unless we are going to be the only person buying the software than we don’t have the end-say in what the product should do! The USER does! Yes, I have used a lot of exclamation points but I feel it’s a very important principle to understand.  I often notice that most people don’t think this way.

You may be thinking, What should I do when I have a great idea? And my answer is this, ask the potential users! Place the end-user at the center of the development and design process and then you can justify the investment, the design, and the ‘cool features’ you want. There will be times when the end-user won’t understand the need and the vision you have, in which case you’ll need to use your judgement; but ultimately you must consider the ultimate sources of funding.

Upon understanding this principle and applying it, it will drive all our software design and development decisions in a highly successful way.  Find end-users that will be brutally honest too, just asking a few of your buddies may not be very wise…

Well, you get the picture, go forth and develop something amazing!

Until next time.