Scope of the Project

The website for Miss Humblebees Academy incorporates both a mobile and PC ready design with animations, specialized illustration and sound. This is an engaging website for children to learn and explore. Not only does the website feature a unique look and feel; but it also serves as a powerhouse of information showcasing some of the latest technologies.

Each user can create an account, add a customized avatar and record their progress as they learn with each lesson. The website is also programmed to create reports, generate progress and build up a reward system for the children to redeem on each of the different rooms and lessons.

About Miss Humblebee’s Academy

Miss Humblebee’s Academy has hundreds of lessons for all major subjects including math, science, social studies, language and literacy, art and music. The lessons can be viewed at home or on the go using a mobile or tablet device. The program is geared towards preparing a pre-school aged child to be ready for kindergarten.

All lessons have audio to empower the child to progress through the lessons. There are over 60 songs ranging from traditional music to new exclusive songs for Miss Humblebee. There are no pop-up ads or links so your child is safe and secure in this online environment.

Finding more information

Watch the video that overview’s the website:

Read the press release for Miss Humblebee’s: