App & Web Development

Rent Duck

Renting just became easier

RentDuck is unique in that they aren’t a rental company, but rather they are a hub for every person who has something that others may want to rent. Gone are the days people have to go to a specific store to rent something; now there is RentDuck where anyone can rent something out and everyone can find something they need to rent. VirgoDev helped them to build their vision.


RentDuck needed an app and website built similar to a listing site, but with the capability to allow people to safely rent from others as well as safely rent out their own property.


VirgoDev designed and developed an app and website that allowed for a secure and easy account creation. The new app and website were designed with simplicity in mind in order to accentuate the photos from all users.


RentDuck now has a functioning app and website that meets the needs of their users. They can rent, borrow, and even post things they are looking to rent.

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