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Get Your Marriage On!

Apps that strengthen marriages

Get Your Marriage On! is on a mission to help Christian couples get the spark back in their marriage. They provide fun (and not boring) apps that provide information safely to couples. VirgoDev helped make their apps a reality and has saved countless marriages.


Marriages needed a safe app for christians that would not only provide valuable information to a couple’s marriage, but keep it fun and alive. Building and growing a marriage takes work, but it’s fun work!


VirgoDev designed an app that allows for couples to go on a journey of discovering and strengthening their marraige again. Couples can journey through courses together, have access to forums where couples from all over can talk with one another and receive advice from experts, and have access to a toolbox full of fun and exciting games and challenges to be enjoyed together.


Get Your Marriage On! now has a fun, colorful app and website that keeps couples informed and helps marriage grow stronger.