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Berry’s Manufacturing

Berry’s Manufacturing is a bullet manufacturing company who provides ammo boxes, vibratory case cleaning tumblers, media sifters, and over 60 types of Superior Plated Bullets.


Berry’s Manufacturing was facing a problem; their quality assurance process was to use paper and pencil. They didn’t know whether they profited until about 3 weeks later.


VirgoDev developed software that takes care of scanning, printing labels, and tracking so that they are able to receive real time reports on the quality of their products.

VirgoDev’s software makes it so that when the bullets are in the copper bath, they can periodically take one out for sampling and the system projects what time the copper plating will be completed. There is an estimated time of completion for every batch of bullets that are made.


Berry’s Manufacturing now has a system of real time reporting, scanning, and tracking. They know the quality of their product in every one of their 8 steps of the manufacturing process; in real time!

Do you own a manufacturing facility that needs improvement to your quality assurance process?