This year we had the awesome opportunity to work with the St. George Area Parade of homes to create a mobile application. We created an application that works with both iOS and Android platforms. 

St. George Area Parade of Homes App

The Parade of Homes App boasts some great visuals for the parade, and is also proving to be helpful to both the Parade of Homes organizers and the visitors. The application provides information on each home, maps, galleries, notes, reviews and specs on the details from price to builder of the home. You can mark each home as “visited” as you go, to help you keep track. While you are visiting the home, you can add a note complete with picture, to help you remember features that you enjoyed making it extremely useful as you parade through each beautiful home.

On the other end, the application also provides metrics to the St. George Area Parade of Homes organizers that they have never been able to track before. This includes e-ticketing metrics, to track just how many tickets are sold. They are also able to better track how many visits each of the homes receive, and gather more feedback about the Parade experience. 

Overall this application is providing a great service to the Parade of Homes this year. You can find it on the app stores here:

Google Play Store – Android Devices
iTunes App Store – iOS (Apple) Devices 

 St. George Area Parade of Homes App