Think of a question you have had recently, or one that your client has had, or a student, or a classmate, the point is write a great blog post answering that question!

Good content is between 200-500 words. Write in your natural voice, humor and emotionally motivating voices do well, but please write a great blog post thinking that your mother is going to read it, so you had better be polite and neutral, buster.

With SEO there are a few On-page Optimizations that you need to keep in mind. Name your great blog post url your keyword, or topic. Example “”. Make sure your Blog Post has an H1, with the keyword in it.

Sometimes when we talk about a subject we can start referring to it as ‘that’ and ‘it’. It’s preferable to replace some of those with the ‘keyword’ or the topic. For example, I have highlighted each time I went back and erased ‘it’ and added my keyword ‘great blog post’. If it seems too unnatural to you, then just try to replace one or two, if it reads spammy to you, then it will read spammy to Google.

Just remember that “Content is King” as long as you provide useful and unique content, you will write a great blog post!