When starting out as an online merchant it may be difficult to justify setting up a payment gateway such as Authorize.net.

A few things that may go through your head.
There are monthly fees and extra costs per transaction.
What if my site is slow to take off?  Yet another account and monthly fee to deal with.

New merchants don't usually start off with a large number of online sales so you 
may think it is easier to key transactions in your terminal.

Did you know that it will likely cost more to manually process payments than it 
would to use Authorize.net

As a merchant you have different rates and fees based on the type of transaction or the card type used.

Most transactions processed through Authorize.net receive a qualified rate and 
manual payments will be assessed at a non qualified rate.

Here is an example to look at.

Lets say you sell $6,000.00 a month.  If your average order is $60.00 
this equates to 100 orders.  Authorize.net charges around $15 a month 
for their gateway fee plus 5 cents per transaction. (Authorize.net cost 
would be 15+5 = $20 for the month.)

manual transaction - $6,000  x 3.14 (non-qualified rate) = $188.40

Authorize.net - $6,000  x 1.65 (qualified rate) = $99 + ($20 
Authorize.net fees) = $119

You would save nearly $70 a month in fees with a qualified rate by using 

Actual rates and fees are based on sales volume. If you are interested in finding out more please contact us at 1-800-941-0645